The Test of “Common” Sense

I put the word common in quotes, as it would seem “Common Sense” has very much flipped – it is now UNCOMMON SENSE. My plea with this post is, as always, the life of unborn children. Let’s begin.

Respectfully, I would like an answer from those who support abortion in the following questions:

1)  At least 23 states have fetal homicide laws that apply to any stage of pregnancy; however, these same states indict no criminalization for legal abortion. The question becomes. . . If someone harms a pregnant woman, and in the process murders her unborn child, this person is charged as such – murderer. But, if someone goes and pays to have their unborn child legally murdered, this is called a right, and those that oppose this right are shamed for telling women that they have murdered their child – is the party that opposes abortion truly screwy? Or are they practicing “common” sense?

2) This next point admittedly doesn’t follow logic, but it does fall into the category of uncommon sense…You have been married for two years – you find out you are pregnant. You both are overjoyed. During those nine months you keep your friends updated: “Our ball of tissue is two months along!”… “Next week we are going to find out the gender of our clump of cells!”… “Boy honey, this pregnancy has been long, can’t wait until the day we can morph this worthless glob into a fully valuable human being.” . . . I am guessing that when I said ‘worthless’ you cocked your head slightly. Of course, those previous statements are ridiculous. And we all know they are ridiculous. Because, truly, at the core, we all know that the unborn child has incredible value! Indeed, that is why we ask “when is your baby due?”… everyone knows this. It’s human life. It’s a person.

The unborn child is as valuable as anyone. Yes, it is in a more vulnerable, less developed state – this should only incur more protection and love! Not more laws allowing “healthcare” systems to make money off of dicing up our small boys and girls. I pray that hearts would be changed in this area. And I am confident hearts will be changed! God will continue to show people the preciousness of these little men and women. Let’s pray for that. God bless.

Jesus Saves

It is no unknown fact. Jesus saves. Many have heard the saying. Jesus saves. All will one day know. Jesus saves. Are you a sinner? Jesus saves. Think that no one cares about you – perhaps. But Jesus saves. Jesus saves, and Jesus loves. Jesus gave. He gave himself for us. We need have no fear in death – we are saved.

The God of this universe has given His life for you. He knew we couldn’t pay the price – we are not perfect. Jesus is the perfect sacrifice. Guys, don’t overlook this. None of us knows how much longer we have before we die. Work things out with God.

God so loved the world that He gave his only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. J316

Pray for the unborn children. There are many who would be in our lives, friends and family – some precious people. But they’re not here, because of abortion. Pray that the next generation does not have so many people missing. . .


To be the victim of an injustice is hard. Yes, we all agree. But really think about it. Think about a true injustice committed against you. Does this happen often? Perhaps. Perhaps not. When it does happen, it stinks.

Though we hate injustice (and we agree we hate injustice), there is a catch – most only hate injustice if it is they who are the victim.

You say, “No, I hate injustice for all!” – you are a liar. The general, good, upstanding citizen will condemn injustice, as this is the socially accepted thing to do: “Yes, isn’t it terrible about that dictator. . . Oh indeed, slavery was a horrid thing. . . How could anybody do that to another person. . . ”

But actions speak louder than words – a lot louder. The way to prove you are as virtuous as you think you are, is go and do something. It is hard to do something, humans are instinctively selfish. We may not like that something happened in history, or that there is evil in the world, but we only act if we think it may effect us in some way – if it threatens our well being.

This truth is saddening, but it is the human state. Love your neighbor as yourself – that’s hard.

Many, many, many, many unborn children are murdered each day. How sad we say. But few of us do anything about it – because we are born, an the issue hardly effects us.

The bible says that no one is good (Romans 3:10). The only one who is good, the only one who truly cares about the oppressed and destitute, is God Himself. God is Love, and he hates injustice. For abortion to end, people must be convicted by God’s spirit. Christians who say they oppose abortion must be filled with God’s Holy Spirit. . . no Holy Spirit, no true love. No true love, no true action. No true action, no end to human abortion.

We must act, but we don’t care to. We must care, before we act. We can’t care, but God does care. We are not God, but He has given us His Spirit. Take hold of His Spirit, thank Him for it, and then act. . .

“An injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere” – MLKJR

It’s a baby. . . So what?

I tried to go to bed tonight. I was looking for some sleep. But sleep evaded me, and my mind began swirling. Perhaps it’s the quiet. Or the dark. . . for some reason, my mind is clearer. And I become overwhelmed.

Many times it’s life stuff, like school assignments, or an unsure work schedule. Tonight it was babies.

I don’t have time or patience, at this moment, to lay out specifics. The message is lost in specifics. Here is the thought that torments my mind. . .

“But. . . it’s a baby.”

“So what?”

The first quote being a plea for the precious life inside a mother’s womb, the second being the stark reality of the position the world holds.

I am horrified truly, at someone’s ability to murder their unborn baby, and claim to be an upstanding human being. I am further astonished at some people’s passionate belief in the necessity of being able to murder their child. The   self-centered ness of abortion advocates simply defys the laws of decency. Abortion is a work of Satan himself.

And, I guess what makes all this so saddening, is that they know it’s murder. I have conversations with pro choicers, or read articles… Every time I hear them saying the child would have a bad life, or the mother is alone, or their is a birth defect, or the the baby can’t even think yet. . . I just look up, and am like . . . “you didn’t just say that. . .”  Let me paint the bitter picture of today’s pro abortioner:

She has down syndrome. Kill her.

He will grow up poor. Kill him

Mom feels inconvenient having a child right now. Kill it.

It’s so small still, can’t even think. Kill it – if you want.

Since when did people murder vulnerable, small, needy, helpless unborn babies!!! And have the foolishness to call it a right. This is disgusting. I thought being vulnerable, small, needy, and helpless warranted a safe haven, and warm protection. Not getting murdered.

Let no one reading this be mistaken – abortion is murder, and God will hold those who do not repent accountable for their sin. Don’t scoff. God cares about the billions of children killed in the womb. He is grieved over each one. And God cares about you – pro choicer, abortion performer, baby murderer. Jesus Christ came to earth to die for these sins, and make you a new person. And He did come, and He did die – for you. And me. Turn to Him.

And stop murdering babies.


Killing Babies – Practice vs. Principle

I recently had a discussion about abortion. The opposing party went through the pro-choice routine. Woman’s health, some parents can’t care for kids, what about rape, bodily autonomy. My response?

Cool, cool. . . But those things don’t justify killing a baby.

I went on to explain a conundrum with the pro-choice/pro-life discussion.

Practice vs Principle.

In practice, I suppose I understand why people are in favor of abortion. There are “benefits,” one could say, to abortion. They say, “pregnancy is dangerous – it shouldn’t be forced on a woman.” (Then don’t engage in activity that would result in pregnancy – this however, is the scum of pro-life arguments, based upon unhinged religiosity . . . they say). “But rape –  you can’t force that child on a woman.” – “If the mothers health is in danger, it would be tyrannical to force her to bare that child.”

These arguments are just fine, and not easily refuted – if we are discussing practice. But we’re not.

Let me say something rash: the world doesn’t revolve around anyone. No one. It revolves around nonhuman things. For a reason.

Indeed, if decisions were only based on practice, then slavery was fine. And there was nothing wrong with the word’s genocides. If the shoes fits, one might say.

Practice says, “If it’s good for me and my select people group, then I’m going to do it – don’t judge me.”

Principle says, “Wrong is wrong – do the right thing, whether it benefits you or not.”

Slavery didn’t end because the founding fathers had a eureka about slaves being bad for American society. The educated analyst will affirm, free labor doesn’t hurt business returns. But slavery had to end, because it was wrong. Wrong in principle.

Abortion is eerily similar to slavery. One people group affirming their superiority to another.  Us first, unborn second. It doesn’t matter to abortion advocates that the humanness of the unborn has been proven. Doesn’t matter to them that killing another’s life is wrong. Doesn’t matter to them that they contradict themselves with their very name: pro-choice. What about the baby’s choice? Woman’s rights. What about the unborn women?

Abortion must end. And not because it’s bad for society, or woman’s health, or population-growth-forecasts, but because killing babies is bad.

I pray God would give people a hunger for truth. That God would give people a desire to do what is good – not just what’s “good” for them.







Pro-lifers would rather be Pro-choice


Rhetorical? No. I mean this. The mental strain of being truly pro-life is overwhelming. To be pro-life is to accept that up to 2,000,000,000 innocent children have been thoughtlessly killed over the past fifty years. To be pro-life is to believe the person who may have been your husband or wife was killed before their first breath. To be pro-life is to accept that large groups of kids are getting slaughtered by the thousand every day. Pro-lifers are expected to vote for politicians who treat the issue with a mere shrug. To be pro-life is heartbreaking. And I want out of this.

From a young age I have always questioned my beliefs. Never satisfied to just “accept” a belief based on feelings, I need the logic and reasoning behind a principle to accept it. I work in health care, and it doesn’t do to have an opinion. I must studiously research that opinion, and back that opinion with facts and figures – if I don’t, someone could die. The same is true with abortion. We can all agree that the pro-life/pro-choice debate is a debate of life vs. death. One side says the baby is a person, the other says it isn’t. Which is true?

I want to know which is true. I realize that most people go with their feelings and their ideas – this won’t cut it. I need objective truth and logic. The lives of two billion babies are at stake – feelings will have to wait.

Here’s my problem – the more I seek to find some dirty pro-life secret, the more I become pro-life. The more I seek to disprove pro-lifeism, the more I fall into it’s clutches.

I’ve read many arguments from both sides. I go to pro-choice sites and try to rationalize their arguments. I also go to pro-life sites and try to rationalize their arguments. What’s confusing is the pro-choice sites typically try to discredit the pro-lifers, instead of attacking their argument. They attack the person, and not the argument. – which seems silly. The pro-lifers do their fair share of trying to discredit the pro-choicers, but I find that many pro-life sites ( in particular) offer logic based arguments. I want these arguments to be refuted, so I go over to the pro-choice sites (NAF, NARAL) and see what they have to say – know what I find? Not much. They keep attacking the person, and not the argument. I believe the world of logic calls it ad hominem – and it’s a fallacy.

Go on to and read some articles. Then, find some resources that demonstrate the sites arguments to be logically inconsistent, and we will have a discussion. But it is difficult when all pro-choicers do is attempt to discredit a source instead of clearly explaining why the sources argument is invalid. Please, for the sake of people like me who would rather be pro-choice. . .

Truly, I would rather be pro-choice. I’d also rather the world rained gumdrops on Mondays  –  the grass is green, whether I like it or not. Until I can get a cohesive, logic-based, biblical  argument as to why the unborn are not human beings, then my mind won’t liberated from this land where the most innocent among us are killed by the billion.

Please – help.

(If you are a pro-choicer, I’d ask that you leave your logic-based argument against the unborn being human life in the comment box – thanks)

(If you are pro-life, I ask that you leave the toughest argument against pro-lifeism in the comment box – thanks)


Abortion: Discussing the practice logically

Debate. Is it even worth it? There are many debates where one side had the facts, the other side went with their feelings, and it was still a round of “he-said-she-said-you’re-wrong-because-I’m-right.” The fundamental problem with any debate is the failure to define terms and to first agree upon what is and isn’t truth. Unless you set up ground rules, there can be no argument.

Here’s an example – If I were to enter a calculus competition I would first inquire what the judges stood by in terms of controversial math principles. However, if I failed to hear the terms, pandemonium would ensue. Imagine, my opponent believes the square root of 9 to be 3, but I believe it is 6. The judges would inform me very soon that my fundamental math principles are faulty, and there would be no competition.

Alright – but, suppose the competition had no judge. Suppose it was up to my opponent and I to convince the audience of our views. Neither of our math problems would come out the same, yet we would insist the other is wrong. The contest would consist of useless bantering, only serving to confuse both parties. How could they be so wrong?

As you can see, a contest without rules is no contest at all. And a debate without established premises will surely chase its own tail. Is it worth it?

People who are pro-choice generally believe a few principles that bring about their impassioned feelings. Here are a few I’ve heard: The government shouldn’t control someones body. Woman should be able to choose. We need abortion to save woman’s lives. You shouldn’t be allowed to impose your views about when life begins on another person. 

Too be informed about any issue, you must retract yourself from it, and see things for what they are. What’s most important here? What is logical? Why do I believe what I believe? Am I being fair? Am I truly informed on this issue, or am I arguing emotionally?

Well, my business is the life of babies. I want to encourage people who value the unborn to keep loving mothers, and to be bold about making their voice heard, but to do that in a loving way. I don’t think arguing with pro-choicer’s is a particularly productive thing, for the reasons mentioned – our premises on truth are different. That being said, if I found myself (or you find yourself) in a situation where argument was necessary, then there are a view things to remember to help your opponent see the facts in an objective way:

You must establish accepted premises. Good argument is based on universal truth. i.e [We agree that] murdering human beings is wrong, President Lincoln is a human being, therefore murdering President Lincoln is wrong.

1) Establish that LIFE is the most valuable thing in the world: People value life. End of story. This doesn’t take much explaining. Human life truly is, universally, the most valuable thing in existence.

2) Establish that logical moral people don’t take risks with human life: Many, many, many laws are in place to protect human life. In fact, probably more laws about protecting human life than any other thing. Also, I gave an analogy in my previous post about a general bombing a city: No general is his right mind would order the destruction of a city with only 50% surety that all civilians had been evacuated – there is just too must risk of losing innocent life.

3) Establish that abortion is a risk because people don’t agree on it’s morality: Basically, it’s a divided issue. According to polling,  approximately one half the USA say the unborn’s body is a human being, the other half say the unborn body is not a human being. Consider this sequence:

A body, as it would appear, is laying in a lawn. There is a judge. And two groups of people (we will name them groups 1 and 2). Group 1 is arguing that the body laying in the lawn is a human being, and they should be allowed to run into the lawn and save it. Group 2 believes the body is, in fact, not a human being –  that it’s a diseased elk needing extermination. There is equal evidence on both sides. So, should the judge allow group 2 to shoot the body, or should the judge allow group 1 the opportunity to save it?  All to say, the judge allowing group 2 to have their way is unarguably a risky decision.

With these three excepted truths, you can form a logical argument: It’s wrong to risk killing human life, abortion risks killing human life, therefore abortion is wrong.  

(This is just one argument I have devised. Think about the issue rationally and create more arguments that follow logical order)


Disclaimer:  [Abortion risks killing human life] – That is a statement made to create an agreed premise. Technically abortion risks human life, seeing that some people disagree. However, scientifically speaking, and by every objective definition of the idea, the unborn body is human life.  Look for another article on that in the near future.

I hope you have found this informative. I’d love to hear your questions, comments, and concerns. Please remember – love those who oppose your views, as they are human beings too.