To Forget about Me

“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in ones youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them . . . ” -Psalm 127: 3-5

17 million children in america live in fatherless homes, over 50 million unborn babies killed and aborted in the US since 1970, 13 million kids in the US live in families that struggle to provide nutritious food, there are ~ 100 thousand orphans waiting to be adopted in our foster care system.

Do Americans value children? Or do we value cars? Imagine, 100 thousand 2017 Ford mustangs waiting to be taken in by a loving owner. It seems that many have lost understanding of how valuable a child is.

To think about another persons needs. What a concept. What an awesome idea. Really, to look at another person and ponder, “how could I help them?” To ask this without any thought of personal gain – love at it’s purest. This is hard (Indeed – impossible! We can only do this by God’s power), but I believe this is were much joy is found.

If all one does is mull over themselves, they manifest some great things – they will be overwhelmed and frustrated when life doesn’t follow their map. They become stressed by little, meaningless things. They lose sight of the beautiful big picture, as the only image they can see is their little life, spiraling about. To be selfish is a sorry land, and not just because it hurts others – because it hurts yourself. It causes such stress. One shouldn’t dwell on their problems all the time. As a person continues to dwell on themselves,  more exciting things will take control –  anger when people don’t treat them well – bitterness when life is unfair – depression because they think they will never attain their dreams. . .

What if life could be about someone else’s dream?

God provided children, and he calls them gifts. He could have created children road ready 5 minutes after birth, but He had a different idea. He wanted moms, dad, brothers and sisters to nurture and support the little ones – He knew this would be for our benefit and blessing. In thinking about a child’s needs, we can forget about our own needs – there is peace found in this. He wasn’t up in heaven plotting, on His twitter like:

“@theManofGod – Oh Gabriel, am I going to stress these earthlings out!! I’m going to give them kids to take care of – these minions are going to drive the adults insane! #Popcorntime #watchinhumansfail#itsgreattobealmighty”

…. That wasn’t what God was thinking. No, instead He calls children a gift, He calls the one who has them blessed; He told his disciples to let the little children come to him.

“Then people brought little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked them.” (Matt. Chap.19 v.13)

I imagine that kids were second class back then too, probably there were a lot of people around listening to Jesus, and here comes some moms with there kids, one on their hip, on in hand. Probably these kids were dirty and crying – making noise like kids do – maybe some of them were sick. Apparently, the disciples rebuked them: “take all this trouble back where they came from, this is Jesus talking, and there are a lot of other people trying to get to him.”

But then comes this next, amazing verse:

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the the kingdom of God is such as these.'” (vs.14)

Jesus saw what was going on, probably from some distance, as I doubt the children been brought very close yet. Jesus sees this, and calls out, some places in the bible say He was indignant – Hey, why are you guys rejecting the children? Let those little ones come up here!

Probably it was kind of awkward for people, suddenly all these kids getting hoisted up to Jesus. But it says Jesus took them into his arms, that placed his hands on them. Why did he do this? He could have just handed them some candy and stickers and sent them on their way, but He took time with them, he took them into his arms. Perhaps it was to bless them, or I could imagine he prayed for them: Father, raise these little ones up to be strong in You. Maybe He thanked God for them – for the blessing of children – whatever he was doing, we know –  Jesus loved children.

And He wanted us to love them and to lead them – and He knew that in doing this, we would learn to take the focus off ourselves, and on the needs of another. He knew that we would actually find rest, and peace in this. In caring for a child, one is able to look past the stresses of their life, and onto the dreams of another persons life.

Here’s some things God has shown me:

1) When God says something, it’s truth. So when He says children are a gift. Children. Are. A gift. 🙂

2) The devil doesn’t want people to see the truth, so he constantly fills our heads with the idea that life is all about meeting our own needs, and that there is no satisfaction in meeting the needs of another. Lies.

3) To care for a child is an amazing blessing, but this can only be done by God – we have no power to do this on our own. In order to attain this blessing, we must trust what God did on the cross. He died for sin, so that we wouldn’t have to. He rose again in new life, so that we too could have a new life in us. For their to be any meaningful change in our life, we must be born again – born of the Spirit of God. Pray for this, ask God to give you a new heart, and to make His spirit to dwell in you. If you ask Him, HE WILL DO IT. 

“If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” – Luke 11:13

Depression is becoming one of the leading illnesses in America – and our populations overall stress levels are rising. Remember those statistics at the beginning of the post? I believe that as the number of children that are loved goes up, the massive amounts of depression and stress will go down. I pray for this.

God, turn our hearts toward children – God, turn our hearts toward you.






Jesus Saves

It is no unknown fact. Jesus saves. Many have heard the saying. Jesus saves. All will one day know. Jesus saves. Are you a sinner? Jesus saves. Think that no one cares about you – perhaps. But Jesus saves. Jesus saves, and Jesus loves. Jesus gave. He gave himself for us. We need have no fear in death – we are saved.

The God of this universe has given His life for you. He knew we couldn’t pay the price – we are not perfect. Jesus is the perfect sacrifice. Guys, don’t overlook this. None of us knows how much longer we have before we die. Work things out with God.

God so loved the world that He gave his only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. J316

Pray for the unborn children. There are many who would be in our lives, friends and family – some precious people. But they’re not here, because of abortion. Pray that the next generation does not have so many people missing. . .

Encouragement – How abortion will end

You don’t win a battle by crippling your enemy, you win a battle by developing a superior power. If a nation gains more territory while losing their own, what has been accomplished? A person must ask – am I encouraging those who share my passion? Or am I trapped in fighting the opposition? So noble the cause of “fighting the bad guys” I allow my fellow man to stumble behind. God’s word says that we are the body of Christ. A body needs all its members working smoothly to function effectively.

Your heart is important, but it’s far from useful without blood to pump. Blood is theoretically needed, but disposable without oxygen. Oxygen is a nice idea, but without  lungs to breath, it is nothing but lonesome matter. The mouth is noble in many ways, but without a stomach – well – I suppose it would be rather awkward after we are done chewing our dinner.

Every body part is needed, but without its companion – it’s nothing. God’s word describes us, the collective population of believers, as a body. The body of Christ.

The Buildup/Undermine principle. At it’s roots, this principle is the idea that it is better the build up your own ranks, than to tear down your enemy’s. It’s a healthier quest to strengthen your friend than to weaken your foe. If you cripple your enemy,  but allow your allies to suffer – you have failed.

Firefighters leave no one behind. Soldiers die together. And anyone who fights for a cause must realize that it’s brother and sisters first, enemy second.

The spark of these first paragraphs was a number – 70.

I saw a figure in an article that seventy percent of women who have abortions identify as Christians. I’m not sure the credibility of this number, or all the variables – but even if the number were twenty-five percent, this would still be heartbreaking. The pro-life movement (many people of faith) arduously fights against abortion – billboards, websites, videos, debates, research – this is all needed. But it would seem that before we fight the bad guys, we should take care of our own. 70 %. This means that the churches are the places that are falling short. But churches – of the many I have gone to – don’t address abortion. Many of us in the church who take an active stance against abortion assume that the women in our churches our covered. Busy fighting planned parenthood, Hillary Clinton,  and NARAL – we forget to look in our own backyard. Our sisters need support. We have fallen unacceptably short in this area. Unless Christians come together, through the Holy Spirit, and protect their own – I fear that abortion will last, much, much longer.

I don’t know why. Perhaps Christians don’t want to offend people. Perhaps they don’t care. Perhaps they don’t recognize the problem. If the body of Christ where to show women that they are loved and supported, and that their unborn child is loved and supported – before, during, and after birth – we would vastly reduce the number of abortions. Not only that, but many who are “pro-life” are a conversation away from actually realizing the gravity of this issue. Our laziness in this area is horrendous. Christians must see the gravity of this practice – because once the problem of abortion is made real to people, action takes place. By choosing to love and support mothers and young women within the church, and to discuss this practice openly during prayer meetings/bible studies, not only are we mitigating abortion, but we are also raising up more soldiers for the cause – it’s a win-win.

This only happens if we take action – if we choose to bring this up in our conversations with fellow believers. If we choose to love the women in our lives.

Don’t mistake my position – I do believe in fighting the opposition. Debating pro-choicers – voting against pro-abortion legislation and leaders. These things have their place, but not at the expense of the body of Christ. The body must heal before it can fight this battle effectively. Christians need to love their own, before they fight their challengers. There’s a balance that must take place.

I assure you – abortion won’t end through fights, or billboards, or protests, or websites, or tee shirts, or Presidents, or money, or groups, or debates, or logic, or legislation. . .

How will abortion end? It will end through loving our neighbor.

Moms – More Valuable Than Anyone Knows

Truly – moms are the real heroes of societyI say this without wistful admiration for my own mother (though I love her greatly) or as a woman-pleasing statement. Men make flattering statements about women all the time in a twisted attempt to be accepted as one of those good boys – “Well, isn’t he nice!”  This will not be an article of flattorious talk. In the paragraphs that follow I will inform you (in a factual manner) of a socially extinct profession, the most noble work – what the world needs –  Mom.

I want to make several points about Moms. Before I start please note – these thoughts are coming from a 20-year-old male. I can’t relate to what mom’s go through, and I never will. What I will do is explain from a third-party perspective what is happening to the title mom, and hopefully offer some encouragement to someone.

Society has turned Mothering into a boring hobby at best: From a social perspective being a mom isn’t viewed as much of an accomplishment. I hear people talking in a sickening manner in reference to their children. Please excuse my revealing this, but instead of being held up as something to be valued, children are more often described as “little s****.” I come from a family of ten kids. When this fact is brought up people typically respond negatively – “How do your parents do it? I could never – I’d go insane!” It doesn’t  end there. I have a habit of asking people if they want to have kids someday – and guess what? – not one person I have asked has responded enthusiastically to this question. Not. One. Most millenials loathe the thought.

How can this be? How is it that culture could come to this? Society, media, funnzy-groups, they have all labelled mothering the grunt work, something to do if you have time, after you’ve chased your dreams, and settled in your career – because it’s all about you.  

Now, please forgive me if I’ve struck the wrong tone. I don’t mean to say that every woman who isn’t a mom is some egotistical snob. What I am saying is this: there are woman who would like to have the freedom to be a mother, to love their kids, and make mothering their full-time gig, but feel that this isn’t a culterally acceptable profession. Let’s get this straight – being a mother is one of the most noble, important things a woman could do. Here’s why . . .

Being a Mom is a sacrifice:  Choosing to set aside your life to nurture another human is, franky, profound. It’s rare. And it’s wonderful. It’s not easy, which is what makes the endevour incredible. Giving up time, money, and dreams to care for another person is not natural, but it is good. 

You wont get famous being a mom: The woman who stops playing the world’s game, the woman who realizes that fame brings no happiness – that’s a special person. All us kids – we want money! And friends! And fame! This attitude has carried on later and later in life until by the time anyone has any sense of what really matters, they are asleep on their death bed. Moms, please know – you matter, and though societly chooses only to halfheartedly acknowledge it once a year – society is indebted to you.

Moms are many times the only person a kid has in her life who cares: If moms don’t care for the children, then no one will. Having a mom as a role model makes all the difference. Thinking about society now, I laugh,  we praise the intelligent of the world, the athletic, the leaders. What wonderful people! Like praising the painting instead of the artist. Good peope don’t come from nowhere – there is always a care taker, an artist. And usually, that’s mom.

If you are reading this and you’re under 40, you were the result of your Mom’s choice that “your life matters”: Abortion is currently the a socially accepted way to control your life. America’s government has upheld that a woman has the right to terminate an inconvienient result of an immature act. Think about it – you were once an embyro. And your mom had the right to end your life if she had wanted. But she didn’t.

I’m a guyish sort of boy, so it’s hard for me to think of something truly encouraging to someone who may be in the mothering realm, or close too it. If you are a mom, mom-to-be, or contemplating terminating your mom-status – please know, being a mom matters. There is nothing more admirable than a person who lays their life down for another, and that’s who a mom is.

I would also like to say something to all the men, the dads, and husband. Treat those ladies right – they’re gold.

Proverbs 31:28-30 “Her childrem rise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”