Abortion will only be stopped with the power of God’s love

Amidst activist seeking to be the next revolutionary, there is a power that can change this terrible practice.


Who will change abortion? Will it be an impassioned protester? Donald Trump? Millennials? I’m afraid not. If anyone is to change this sickness it’s God, and Him alone. The love of God changes lives. Think about what brought you to Christ. God’s power. Not human based wisdom; this world rejects anything they’d rather not hear, true or false. The same power that drew you to Christ will change the USA. People can make all the arguments they want, all the logic, all the science – without the love and power of God, nothing will change.

“If I give all I have to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.” – 1 Corinthians 13:3

This verse comes after a string of verses about “good deeds”, but because there is no love those “good deeds” are worthless. In this push against abortion God will not be on our side if we don’t allow Him to lead the fight and lead it His way.

Activist, conservatives, ashamedly myself, we all get caught in the hero mentality, “I’m the next W. Wilberforce, I will save the babies!” – No, we wont. But God will. His love and His power will save those children.

Don’t be discouraged – by all means take action against this atrocity. But, understand, If this is about anything besides showing people the love of God, and calling them to repentance, our work is in vain. Christians must first be filled with the power of God. An abortion is the murder of a precious, innocent child. We must fight it with truth, but purposefully finding ways to make the opposition look foolish “just because” will give only fleeting victory, and it undermines credibility.

This years’ presidential election was a perfect example – two candidates who threw love out the door – they cared only about the winning one-liner, the witty zinger (and failed miserably at even that). None of their arguments had any substance, and listening to them made most feel 10% dumber. They lowered themselves to a level no human should go. Our culture  believes that correcting others is offensive, and that it’s smug and arrogant. Showed them.  But, as Jesus did often, people can gently, and lovingly,  explain to someone that they are in the wrong. Lovingly, truthfully, boldly explain what is happening; always remembering this is God’s fight, not ours.

Remember to love the women. They are valuable. God loves them. He cares equally about them as he does their unborn child. Society says abortion is necessary – that it’s a fundamental right for a woman to live a good life. The baby is not the problem. A society that says “your baby is a problem,” is the problem – this culture must change. Girls who are contemplating aborting their baby need to know their pregnancy is accepted, and that it is even a gift. Don’t forget to love the moms. Because true love changes things – it changes people. If you’re standing up against abortion, start by encouraging and loving the moms and women in your life.

Finally, if winning the battle to end abortion is only that -“winning”- we are misguided. This is about extending the Love of God to people. This is about shining our light amidst a rough time in history. This is about winning people to Christ, not winning an argument.

If you are only pro-life because you want to make other people look foolish – repent, and God will fill you with His Spirit. The power found in God is the ONLY thing that will have a meaningful impact on women, and their babies. God loves, and forgives. He wants humans to know their ways are wrong. When showing someone their ways are wrong, there are two things you can do – tell them, “Hey, your ways are wrong” or, you can show them true love. Faced with God’s unconditional love, that’s when people are convicted.

You cannot know pure white until you’ve seen the truest black, and you cannot know the depth of your sin until you’ve encountered the greatest love.

Prayer. Truth. Love. These things will make the little guys below a whole lot safer.cropped-screenshot-2016-11-17-12-50-53.png


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