Innocent until proven Guilty. Alive until proven Dead

       Babies on trial. A voice for the voiceless. The purpose – fighting for the children yet unborn. There are over 40,000,000 abortions each year. Whether you are for or against abortion, when 40,000,000 lives are on the line . . . well, I’ll say this – we had better be getting this issue right.  

The idea of wanting to be sure people aren’t inadvertently killing 40 million babies every year is (correct me if it’s flawed) a fair thought. Though this is a simple thought, many skew the debate. Woman’s body. Government control. Reproductive rights. Both sides have their persuasions, but it comes down to two reasonably important things – life, and death. Is there any chance the world’s current view about abortion is wrong? Permit a story to clarify. . .

A ranking General tells his men, “We are going to bomb this city to ashes,” his index finger stuck in the center of a map, “Those terrorist must be wiped off the face of the earth!” One of his top intelligence agents quickly objects, “But sir, there’s only a 50 percent chance it won’t still be inhabited by 2 million innocent civilians. They won’t have time to evacuate. Men, woman, and children would all be collateral damage to this decision; surely you can’t expect us to overlook these human lives?”

Whose thinking is more logically sound? The General speaks with passion, but is blinded by his own agenda (be it worthy or not). The Agent voices his concern with the big picture in mind, knowing one shouldn’t overlook such a great risk without further evidence that the operation wont threaten ANY innocent lives.

This story serves as a parallel to the abortion movement. Our country is divided on the practice. Gallup polling shows that over the past years, abortion’s moral approval rating has ebbed and flowed around the 50 percent mark. People supporting abortion state that “no one knows for sure when life begins.” Well, 50 percent of people think that statement is false.

The numbers support that there is a widespread disagreement. However, logically speaking, if you don’t know the answer to the question of when life begins, then you would be the first to stand against anyone taking the risk. Just as the General shouldn’t take the 50/50 gamble, potentially wiping out 2 million civilians, neither should humanity risk the lives of millions of unborn children. Innocent until proven guilty. Alive until proven dead.

Our country (and world) has lost the meaning of logic when dealing with abortion. Caught in the arbitrary idea that abortion falls under the woman’s right to choose, we continue to uphold a practice that is the antonym of logical. Strewn in the left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, we throw out logic and speak with nothing but empty emotionalism. Logic. Facts. Truth. This is what the world needs.

Fight for truth, not victory.




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