Pro-lifers would rather be Pro-choice


Rhetorical? No. I mean this. The mental strain of being truly pro-life is overwhelming. To be pro-life is to accept that up to 2,000,000,000 innocent children have been thoughtlessly killed over the past fifty years. To be pro-life is to believe the person who may have been your husband or wife was killed before their first breath. To be pro-life is to accept that large groups of kids are getting slaughtered by the thousand every day. Pro-lifers are expected to vote for politicians who treat the issue with a mere shrug. To be pro-life is heartbreaking. And I want out of this.

From a young age I have always questioned my beliefs. Never satisfied to just “accept” a belief based on feelings, I need the logic and reasoning behind a principle to accept it. I work in health care, and it doesn’t do to have an opinion. I must studiously research that opinion, and back that opinion with facts and figures – if I don’t, someone could die. The same is true with abortion. We can all agree that the pro-life/pro-choice debate is a debate of life vs. death. One side says the baby is a person, the other says it isn’t. Which is true?

I want to know which is true. I realize that most people go with their feelings and their ideas – this won’t cut it. I need objective truth and logic. The lives of two billion babies are at stake – feelings will have to wait.

Here’s my problem – the more I seek to find some dirty pro-life secret, the more I become pro-life. The more I seek to disprove pro-lifeism, the more I fall into it’s clutches.

I’ve read many arguments from both sides. I go to pro-choice sites and try to rationalize their arguments. I also go to pro-life sites and try to rationalize their arguments. What’s confusing is the pro-choice sites typically try to discredit the pro-lifers, instead of attacking their argument. They attack the person, and not the argument. – which seems silly. The pro-lifers do their fair share of trying to discredit the pro-choicers, but I find that many pro-life sites ( in particular) offer logic based arguments. I want these arguments to be refuted, so I go over to the pro-choice sites (NAF, NARAL) and see what they have to say – know what I find? Not much. They keep attacking the person, and not the argument. I believe the world of logic calls it ad hominem – and it’s a fallacy.

Go on to and read some articles. Then, find some resources that demonstrate the sites arguments to be logically inconsistent, and we will have a discussion. But it is difficult when all pro-choicers do is attempt to discredit a source instead of clearly explaining why the sources argument is invalid. Please, for the sake of people like me who would rather be pro-choice. . .

Truly, I would rather be pro-choice. I’d also rather the world rained gumdrops on Mondays  –  the grass is green, whether I like it or not. Until I can get a cohesive, logic-based, biblical  argument as to why the unborn are not human beings, then my mind won’t liberated from this land where the most innocent among us are killed by the billion.

Please – help.

(If you are a pro-choicer, I’d ask that you leave your logic-based argument against the unborn being human life in the comment box – thanks)

(If you are pro-life, I ask that you leave the toughest argument against pro-lifeism in the comment box – thanks)


Don’t be a Faker


Joe Biden. Current vice-president of the USA. His statement in defense of the unborn: “My Catholic faith believes life begins at conception. . . but. . . I refuse to impose that view on others.”

See Biden’s statement here, Biden believes that the child in the womb, from the time of conception is human life. Biden believes the unborn are human life, abortion is the killing of that [human life], thus Joe Biden believes abortion is the killing of human life.

Keep this tidbit in mind during the following scenario:

1940 – mid-holocaust. Jews are escorted into gas chambers. Thousands – millions – of women, men, and children.

John Nance Garner (vice president of the USA between 1933-1941)  and his defense of the minorities – “My view is that [Jews, Christians, and the disabled] are human life . . .but . . . I refuse to impose that view on others.”

What’s the difference between this hypothetical (inconceivable) statement by the vice president of the United States of America in 1940, and the statement made by our current VP?

Both state a belief in  human life, and both refuse to “impose their views on others.” Is that moral? Is that justice? The statement made by John Nance Garner, I am relieved to tell, is 100 percent made up. The statement by Joe Biden is – less relievingly – 100 percent not made up.

Maybe Joe doesn’t know what he’s saying – but probably he does, and his reasoning is as logical as a spider-teasing-frog-puppy. . .  You, Mr. Biden, believe wholeheartedly that the unborn are humans, yet you don’t think it’s your place to impose that on others? That doesn’t add up. I’d understand if the issue were regarding saving watermelon rinds for the wholesome stiffening of ones erythrocytes, or the endorsement of Smileys lollipops – “I believe the rainbow lolly to be the finest lolly in the western hemisphere. This is my belief… but… I refuse to impose it on others.” – I can live with that Mr. vice president. But Joe, these are not lollipops, or watermelon rinds – these are human beings, and your willful neglect of what you believe to be a human being is, frankly, incomprehensible.

Biden believes the unborn are human beings, that life begins at conception. . . this would infer that  – as the Declaration of Independence says – he believes they are created equal, and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But, for political agendas – because he’s a coward (forgive me, but this is a troubling strain of information) – the man refuses to stand up for over 50,000,000 babies killed in the USA over the past forty years. Wouldn’t want to impose. . .

But what about Christians. Are we going to be Joe Biden? Personally believing that whole generations are being wiped out, but not having the courage to stand up for what we believe, for the truth.

Don’t pretend to care about the unborn – that doesn’t help. God’s word calls us to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8). It’s our duty to take part in looking out for our fellow man. God calls it loving thy neighbor as thyself. Don’t worry if you aren’t having cozy feelings of compassion – God will give you all you need. Don’t fret if you have little reserves in the courage barrel – God will give it.

Sorry to rain on your parade Nazi tyrants,  but you don’t get to kill millions of people because your demon-possessed mind thinks it’s right. You will be held accountable. Because all are created equal. 

You’re in a concentration camp in 1940. Out of the two statements in bold, which do you want to hear?

Hmm. That’s a tough issue. . . I don’t want to get . . . it’s not my place, I mean the holocaust – yeah – I disagree, but who am I to say it’s wrong? There are millions over in that country who think it’s okay. I can’t impose on their views.

Please, think about this.

If you think comparing the holocaust to abortion is extreme, then. . . well, I tend to agree with Ben Shapiro that “facts don’t care about your feelings”; however, in this instance, the facts will give you feelings. The truth about abortion is ugly and sick. Whenever institutionalized evil is backed by public support, all is on the table as far as corruption, and the disease spreads.

Ah yes, the boy in the picture. That’s Hans. I was reading about Hans; let me tell you about him. At the age of 6 his family was dodging Nazis, so they applied for visas to the USA and were accepted, but were put on a waiting list before they got on a ship. During this time, his dad was imprisoned, and his mom became ill and could no longer take care of him. Hans was placed in a children’s home with 40 other Jewish kids. They did kid stuff, swam, and hiked. But the “kid stuff” was short lived, it wasn’t long before the Nazi’s caught up. Hans was murdered on April 15, 1944, at the age of ten, along with the other children from the home.

Hans was killed because a movement of people sincerely believed him to be a lesser human being. Would you have stood against the movement? Or are you a “silent protester” – which is no protester at all.

If you believe the unborn are human beings, then here are two options: renounce that belief, or stand up for the unborn. But no fakers. Kids like Hans don’t need fakers. The book of James says that faith without works is dead. Meaning, to say you believe in something, and you are not driven to action by that belief, this infers that you don’t believe in what you proclaim to believe. If you love your friend, then you hang out with them. If you love God, you spend time with Him. If you love your spouse, you buy them snacks. If your child is drowning, rock or not, you jump in and try to save them – because you love your child. If you believe the unborn to be humans in the eyes of God, then you will do something.

Things you can do about abortion (Let’s call it the 4 P’s): 

  1. Pray. Prayer changes things. Real prayer changes things. Fervent prayer. Honest prayer. Humble prayer.
  2. Post. In short, start doing something remotely productive with all the time spent on social media. Share pro-life videos, loving pro-life proclamations, articles that proclaim the truth. Yes, people will hate you for it – but this is good! God’s word says to rejoice when we endure hardships in the name of Jesus.
  3. People. Talk to people, and engage in productive debate. Be wise, and enter into these conversations with the Holy Spirit. Some may be more productive than others. Remember to love people who oppose you, they are humans too.
  4. Pay. We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help. You can always give to organizations that’s on the front lines of defending the unborn. Though being asked to give $ is a hallowed exhortation, it helps. Don’t shy away from little opportunities to help.


Little steps in the right direction mean a lot when compared with little steps in the wrong direction. Every thing you do counts and is part of a change that will make the aborting of our little boys and girls a thing of the past.






Abortion will only be stopped with the power of God’s love

Amidst activist seeking to be the next revolutionary, there is a power that can change this terrible practice.


Who will change abortion? Will it be an impassioned protester? Donald Trump? Millennials? I’m afraid not. If anyone is to change this sickness it’s God, and Him alone. The love of God changes lives. Think about what brought you to Christ. God’s power. Not human based wisdom; this world rejects anything they’d rather not hear, true or false. The same power that drew you to Christ will change the USA. People can make all the arguments they want, all the logic, all the science – without the love and power of God, nothing will change.

“If I give all I have to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.” – 1 Corinthians 13:3

This verse comes after a string of verses about “good deeds”, but because there is no love those “good deeds” are worthless. In this push against abortion God will not be on our side if we don’t allow Him to lead the fight and lead it His way.

Activist, conservatives, ashamedly myself, we all get caught in the hero mentality, “I’m the next W. Wilberforce, I will save the babies!” – No, we wont. But God will. His love and His power will save those children.

Don’t be discouraged – by all means take action against this atrocity. But, understand, If this is about anything besides showing people the love of God, and calling them to repentance, our work is in vain. Christians must first be filled with the power of God. An abortion is the murder of a precious, innocent child. We must fight it with truth, but purposefully finding ways to make the opposition look foolish “just because” will give only fleeting victory, and it undermines credibility.

This years’ presidential election was a perfect example – two candidates who threw love out the door – they cared only about the winning one-liner, the witty zinger (and failed miserably at even that). None of their arguments had any substance, and listening to them made most feel 10% dumber. They lowered themselves to a level no human should go. Our culture  believes that correcting others is offensive, and that it’s smug and arrogant. Showed them.  But, as Jesus did often, people can gently, and lovingly,  explain to someone that they are in the wrong. Lovingly, truthfully, boldly explain what is happening; always remembering this is God’s fight, not ours.

Remember to love the women. They are valuable. God loves them. He cares equally about them as he does their unborn child. Society says abortion is necessary – that it’s a fundamental right for a woman to live a good life. The baby is not the problem. A society that says “your baby is a problem,” is the problem – this culture must change. Girls who are contemplating aborting their baby need to know their pregnancy is accepted, and that it is even a gift. Don’t forget to love the moms. Because true love changes things – it changes people. If you’re standing up against abortion, start by encouraging and loving the moms and women in your life.

Finally, if winning the battle to end abortion is only that -“winning”- we are misguided. This is about extending the Love of God to people. This is about shining our light amidst a rough time in history. This is about winning people to Christ, not winning an argument.

If you are only pro-life because you want to make other people look foolish – repent, and God will fill you with His Spirit. The power found in God is the ONLY thing that will have a meaningful impact on women, and their babies. God loves, and forgives. He wants humans to know their ways are wrong. When showing someone their ways are wrong, there are two things you can do – tell them, “Hey, your ways are wrong” or, you can show them true love. Faced with God’s unconditional love, that’s when people are convicted.

You cannot know pure white until you’ve seen the truest black, and you cannot know the depth of your sin until you’ve encountered the greatest love.

Prayer. Truth. Love. These things will make the little guys below a whole lot safer.cropped-screenshot-2016-11-17-12-50-53.png


Moms – More Valuable Than Anyone Knows

Truly – moms are the real heroes of societyI say this without wistful admiration for my own mother (though I love her greatly) or as a woman-pleasing statement. Men make flattering statements about women all the time in a twisted attempt to be accepted as one of those good boys – “Well, isn’t he nice!”  This will not be an article of flattorious talk. In the paragraphs that follow I will inform you (in a factual manner) of a socially extinct profession, the most noble work – what the world needs –  Mom.

I want to make several points about Moms. Before I start please note – these thoughts are coming from a 20-year-old male. I can’t relate to what mom’s go through, and I never will. What I will do is explain from a third-party perspective what is happening to the title mom, and hopefully offer some encouragement to someone.

Society has turned Mothering into a boring hobby at best: From a social perspective being a mom isn’t viewed as much of an accomplishment. I hear people talking in a sickening manner in reference to their children. Please excuse my revealing this, but instead of being held up as something to be valued, children are more often described as “little s****.” I come from a family of ten kids. When this fact is brought up people typically respond negatively – “How do your parents do it? I could never – I’d go insane!” It doesn’t  end there. I have a habit of asking people if they want to have kids someday – and guess what? – not one person I have asked has responded enthusiastically to this question. Not. One. Most millenials loathe the thought.

How can this be? How is it that culture could come to this? Society, media, funnzy-groups, they have all labelled mothering the grunt work, something to do if you have time, after you’ve chased your dreams, and settled in your career – because it’s all about you.  

Now, please forgive me if I’ve struck the wrong tone. I don’t mean to say that every woman who isn’t a mom is some egotistical snob. What I am saying is this: there are woman who would like to have the freedom to be a mother, to love their kids, and make mothering their full-time gig, but feel that this isn’t a culterally acceptable profession. Let’s get this straight – being a mother is one of the most noble, important things a woman could do. Here’s why . . .

Being a Mom is a sacrifice:  Choosing to set aside your life to nurture another human is, franky, profound. It’s rare. And it’s wonderful. It’s not easy, which is what makes the endevour incredible. Giving up time, money, and dreams to care for another person is not natural, but it is good. 

You wont get famous being a mom: The woman who stops playing the world’s game, the woman who realizes that fame brings no happiness – that’s a special person. All us kids – we want money! And friends! And fame! This attitude has carried on later and later in life until by the time anyone has any sense of what really matters, they are asleep on their death bed. Moms, please know – you matter, and though societly chooses only to halfheartedly acknowledge it once a year – society is indebted to you.

Moms are many times the only person a kid has in her life who cares: If moms don’t care for the children, then no one will. Having a mom as a role model makes all the difference. Thinking about society now, I laugh,  we praise the intelligent of the world, the athletic, the leaders. What wonderful people! Like praising the painting instead of the artist. Good peope don’t come from nowhere – there is always a care taker, an artist. And usually, that’s mom.

If you are reading this and you’re under 40, you were the result of your Mom’s choice that “your life matters”: Abortion is currently the a socially accepted way to control your life. America’s government has upheld that a woman has the right to terminate an inconvienient result of an immature act. Think about it – you were once an embyro. And your mom had the right to end your life if she had wanted. But she didn’t.

I’m a guyish sort of boy, so it’s hard for me to think of something truly encouraging to someone who may be in the mothering realm, or close too it. If you are a mom, mom-to-be, or contemplating terminating your mom-status – please know, being a mom matters. There is nothing more admirable than a person who lays their life down for another, and that’s who a mom is.

I would also like to say something to all the men, the dads, and husband. Treat those ladies right – they’re gold.

Proverbs 31:28-30 “Her childrem rise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” 





Abortion: Discussing the practice logically

Debate. Is it even worth it? There are many debates where one side had the facts, the other side went with their feelings, and it was still a round of “he-said-she-said-you’re-wrong-because-I’m-right.” The fundamental problem with any debate is the failure to define terms and to first agree upon what is and isn’t truth. Unless you set up ground rules, there can be no argument.

Here’s an example – If I were to enter a calculus competition I would first inquire what the judges stood by in terms of controversial math principles. However, if I failed to hear the terms, pandemonium would ensue. Imagine, my opponent believes the square root of 9 to be 3, but I believe it is 6. The judges would inform me very soon that my fundamental math principles are faulty, and there would be no competition.

Alright – but, suppose the competition had no judge. Suppose it was up to my opponent and I to convince the audience of our views. Neither of our math problems would come out the same, yet we would insist the other is wrong. The contest would consist of useless bantering, only serving to confuse both parties. How could they be so wrong?

As you can see, a contest without rules is no contest at all. And a debate without established premises will surely chase its own tail. Is it worth it?

People who are pro-choice generally believe a few principles that bring about their impassioned feelings. Here are a few I’ve heard: The government shouldn’t control someones body. Woman should be able to choose. We need abortion to save woman’s lives. You shouldn’t be allowed to impose your views about when life begins on another person. 

Too be informed about any issue, you must retract yourself from it, and see things for what they are. What’s most important here? What is logical? Why do I believe what I believe? Am I being fair? Am I truly informed on this issue, or am I arguing emotionally?

Well, my business is the life of babies. I want to encourage people who value the unborn to keep loving mothers, and to be bold about making their voice heard, but to do that in a loving way. I don’t think arguing with pro-choicer’s is a particularly productive thing, for the reasons mentioned – our premises on truth are different. That being said, if I found myself (or you find yourself) in a situation where argument was necessary, then there are a view things to remember to help your opponent see the facts in an objective way:

You must establish accepted premises. Good argument is based on universal truth. i.e [We agree that] murdering human beings is wrong, President Lincoln is a human being, therefore murdering President Lincoln is wrong.

1) Establish that LIFE is the most valuable thing in the world: People value life. End of story. This doesn’t take much explaining. Human life truly is, universally, the most valuable thing in existence.

2) Establish that logical moral people don’t take risks with human life: Many, many, many laws are in place to protect human life. In fact, probably more laws about protecting human life than any other thing. Also, I gave an analogy in my previous post about a general bombing a city: No general is his right mind would order the destruction of a city with only 50% surety that all civilians had been evacuated – there is just too must risk of losing innocent life.

3) Establish that abortion is a risk because people don’t agree on it’s morality: Basically, it’s a divided issue. According to polling,  approximately one half the USA say the unborn’s body is a human being, the other half say the unborn body is not a human being. Consider this sequence:

A body, as it would appear, is laying in a lawn. There is a judge. And two groups of people (we will name them groups 1 and 2). Group 1 is arguing that the body laying in the lawn is a human being, and they should be allowed to run into the lawn and save it. Group 2 believes the body is, in fact, not a human being –  that it’s a diseased elk needing extermination. There is equal evidence on both sides. So, should the judge allow group 2 to shoot the body, or should the judge allow group 1 the opportunity to save it?  All to say, the judge allowing group 2 to have their way is unarguably a risky decision.

With these three excepted truths, you can form a logical argument: It’s wrong to risk killing human life, abortion risks killing human life, therefore abortion is wrong.  

(This is just one argument I have devised. Think about the issue rationally and create more arguments that follow logical order)


Disclaimer:  [Abortion risks killing human life] – That is a statement made to create an agreed premise. Technically abortion risks human life, seeing that some people disagree. However, scientifically speaking, and by every objective definition of the idea, the unborn body is human life.  Look for another article on that in the near future.

I hope you have found this informative. I’d love to hear your questions, comments, and concerns. Please remember – love those who oppose your views, as they are human beings too.



Innocent until proven Guilty. Alive until proven Dead

       Babies on trial. A voice for the voiceless. The purpose – fighting for the children yet unborn. There are over 40,000,000 abortions each year. Whether you are for or against abortion, when 40,000,000 lives are on the line . . . well, I’ll say this – we had better be getting this issue right.  

The idea of wanting to be sure people aren’t inadvertently killing 40 million babies every year is (correct me if it’s flawed) a fair thought. Though this is a simple thought, many skew the debate. Woman’s body. Government control. Reproductive rights. Both sides have their persuasions, but it comes down to two reasonably important things – life, and death. Is there any chance the world’s current view about abortion is wrong? Permit a story to clarify. . .

A ranking General tells his men, “We are going to bomb this city to ashes,” his index finger stuck in the center of a map, “Those terrorist must be wiped off the face of the earth!” One of his top intelligence agents quickly objects, “But sir, there’s only a 50 percent chance it won’t still be inhabited by 2 million innocent civilians. They won’t have time to evacuate. Men, woman, and children would all be collateral damage to this decision; surely you can’t expect us to overlook these human lives?”

Whose thinking is more logically sound? The General speaks with passion, but is blinded by his own agenda (be it worthy or not). The Agent voices his concern with the big picture in mind, knowing one shouldn’t overlook such a great risk without further evidence that the operation wont threaten ANY innocent lives.

This story serves as a parallel to the abortion movement. Our country is divided on the practice. Gallup polling shows that over the past years, abortion’s moral approval rating has ebbed and flowed around the 50 percent mark. People supporting abortion state that “no one knows for sure when life begins.” Well, 50 percent of people think that statement is false.

The numbers support that there is a widespread disagreement. However, logically speaking, if you don’t know the answer to the question of when life begins, then you would be the first to stand against anyone taking the risk. Just as the General shouldn’t take the 50/50 gamble, potentially wiping out 2 million civilians, neither should humanity risk the lives of millions of unborn children. Innocent until proven guilty. Alive until proven dead.

Our country (and world) has lost the meaning of logic when dealing with abortion. Caught in the arbitrary idea that abortion falls under the woman’s right to choose, we continue to uphold a practice that is the antonym of logical. Strewn in the left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, we throw out logic and speak with nothing but empty emotionalism. Logic. Facts. Truth. This is what the world needs.

Fight for truth, not victory.